Monday, February 8, 2010

Spring is just around the corner

Despite evidence to the contrary, spring really is just around the corner.
I just got back from the Missouri Organic Convention and am fired up and ready to plant. So what's that snow doing on the ground?
Actually, I already have some seedlings in my kitchen window. The reflection from the snow is making them grow better. And the snow on the ground will add minerals to the soil as it melts. But I'm still anxious to get growing for spring. Guess I'll have to while away the snowy hours planning and re-planning my garden while I peruse seed catalogs.
I learned a lot about soil fertility, cover cropping and extending my season with high tunnels at the MOA convention. Can't wait to share with some of our farmer/producers so we'll have more local produce at the store even earlier and it will be even more nutritious because of the better soil in which it will be grown.
And speaking of the store, we have a new manager who managed Wild Oats for years. He brings great energy, knowledge and a passion for organics to the store. Stop in and see the changes he is bringing about.

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