Tuesday, August 9, 2011

National Farmers Market Week

This is National Farmers Market Week for the rest of the country. For us, every day is Farmers Market Day.
I can see why this week was chosen for the honor, though. Produce is pouring in from all over Missouri. The only way to enjoy it all is to preserve some of it. No-one could eat enough to try it all!
So we can and freeze and dry and share and just enjoy the bounty from our wonderful small, independent farmers.
I recently was able to find some time to make blackberry jam from some tasty Missouri blackberries. It's a process I never tire of-the wonderful colors, tastes, and smells bring back wonderful memories of times past.
We love the opportunity to provide hard-to-find produce so folks can enjoy the dishes that remind them of their childhood-like fried green tomatoes, purple hull peas, or perhaps a special heirloom tomato. Our Cherokee Purple tomatoes are a wonderful memory for some, and a brand new taste sensation for others.
Eggplant and okra both seem to have their fans and their detractors. Personally, I love them both. While the eggplant is coming on, I am making and freezing ratatouille almost every evening-and the okra usually finds its way into some gumbo-like concoction. Of course, most of the old-timers fry both of them, but I prefer soupy, stewy dishes!
One of the advantages of Sappington Farmers Market is that we are open all year round and every day but Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our huge variety of local meats, dairy, cheeses, and specialty foods enables us to offer wonderful farm products year-round. The selection continues to grow each week. Red Wattle Pork, Kobe-style beef, local yogurt, goat and cow cheese and a plethora of sauces, jams, jellies and fruit butters offer a taste of Missouri-grown food year-round. Celebrate National Farmers Week with us-and keep coming back for farm food throughout the year!