Monday, February 15, 2010

Family Farmers Win A Big Battle

After 10 years of lobbying, family farmers across the country are breathing a sigh of relief. The unfair competition is over from large dairy factory farms who sell to big box stores and have been able to be labeled "certified organic" even though their growing practices are unhealthy and inhumane.
By tightening organic standards, the USDA effectively ruled out dairies that don't give their animals a chance to see the light of day. New requirements say that dairy cows and other ruminants must be allowed to exhibit their native behavior and consume a meaningful amount of their feed from grazing on pastures-specifically the new rules require that dairy animals be out on pasture for the entire growing season, and not less than 120 days.
Based on The Cornucopia Institute's research 90% of all namebrand dairy products are produced with high integrity. These tighter laws will eliminate unfair competition from factory farms who have slid in under the bar.
We at Sappington Farmers Market have always supported small producers who raise their animals humanely and show integrity in their branding. In fact, that describes our owners who raise livestock.


  1. I love hearing that the little guys will be able to thrive... thanks to those at Sappington who make this possible.

  2. score one for the little guys! wouldn't it be wonderful if unfair "big corporation" advantages could be dissolved across the board? a fight for another day, i suppose :)