Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Good Earth Eggs

Just look at these beautiful eggs! They are from John David Farms and we sell them under the Good Earth Eggs label.
They are the only local, all-natural egg production facility that serves the St. Louis area.
We sell white grade A large, brown and double-yolk eggs at Sappington Farmers Market. Most weeks, our prices are the lowest in town for any eggs-not to mention all-natural!

Susan and Johnny David are two of the hardest-working people I know.
Besides all the work of taking excellent care of 80,000 laying hens and the eggs they produce, Susan works off-farm to help make ends meet. They own the only local egg production operation serving the STL area.
Whenever we have a marketing opportunity for them-like a show-or a sampling at the store-Susan jumps right on it without complaint.

The above picture is not the loveliest age for a chick. They've lost the pudgy fluffiness that makes everyone fall in love with a chick, and their feathers are only partly grown in. It won't be long and they'll be full-fledged (that's where the word comes from!) chickens.
They're part of the 80,000-chicken "family" that Susan and Johnny raise.
They will get a diet of locally-raised grain and alfalfa and absolutely no growth-enhancing hormones or antibiotics. The price is lower than most conventionally-produced eggs.

Double-yolk eggs are really fun to serve kids (of all ages). Down through history, all sorts of mystical qualities have been attributed to them-good luck, fertility, etc. I just think they're a lot of fun. I like to watch the puzzled expressions turn to joy when I serve a double-yolk eggs.

Since I retired from farming and moved to my little cabin on Current River, the main thing about farming I miss is raising chickens. Chickens are awesome. They are a lot smarter than most people think. Many heritage breeds of hens make the most wonderful mothers! I don't think it's an accident that the Bible uses a mother hen as an analogy for God's love for his children. Those mothers will stand up to predators many times their size to protect their babies.
When they fluff out their wings and the babies run under them, it just does my heart good.
The sight of a baby chick peeking out from under it's mommy's wing is one of the cutest sights in nature.
Johnny and Susan David love chickens, but they knew they couldn't make a living raising a few chickens. So, after much study, they devised a way they could raise all-natural eggs in a large-scale setting. Their attention to detail ensures that these production eggs are the closest thing to free-range without letting 80,000 chickens run free. When they took over the 3rd-generation conventional egg farm, they began working to change it to an all-natural facility.
They have succeeded and they continue to grow in all the right ways.
Thanks, Johnny and Susan for all the work you do to ensure that St. Louis consumers can have fresh, local eggs.


  1. Enjoy your blog!
    And, of course, my family and I love to shop at the Farmers Market. The kids love the train.

  2. I have a question for Good Earth Eggs but can't find a contact number. They have brown cage free eggs and then white eggs not advertised as cage free. So are their white chickens in cages? Can anyone answer?

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  3. Mary, About 6 years ago I read about Good Earth Eggs. Said all their chickens are indoor chickens. Some caged, some not. No mention of free-range or pasture raised.

    I never buy eggs that say cage-free. The chickens don't have much more room than caged eggs (but can spread their wings) and the chicks still have the the tips of their beaks painfully burned off.