Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm glad to be part of Farm to Family Naturally

There aren't many things I enjoy more than visiting the farms of our suppliers. It's a great chance to see (and buy) strong, healthy vegetables grown using sustainable principles. It's a time for lovely chats about the things that are important to me, and to our customers.
Being a member of Farm to Family Naturally is what makes that possible for me. It's my job! Having a job I enjoy and that supports the issues I'm passionate about is almost too good to be true.
On a recent trip to the Missouri Bootheel, I had the privilege (and fun) of visiting my dear friend, Lillian Hunter. I have known Lillian for ten years, and we hit it off from our very first conversation. This woman knows bushels and bushels about organic growing.
Lillian's family came to Missouri from Arkansas when her father was young-back in the thirties. They were able to purchase a section of land, and have nurtured the land ever since.
After spending 30 years teaching in the Chicago Public School system, Lillian came home to the Bootheel. After living in a colder climate, she was very aware of the benefits of Southern Missouri's long growing season. She saw that she could help her family, her neighbors, and urban consumers by organizing a cooperative of organic farmers. Lillian organized many local farmers, and continues to guide and teach them. Farm to Family Naturally cooperates in every way with Lillian and her farmer friends. We participate in teaching opportunities, crop planning-and most important-we buy their produce and bring it to Sappington Farmers Market so that you, our customers, can enjoy it.
Lillian's daughter, Adrienne Hunter, has joined her in growing vegetables this year. Adrienne also works very hard at growing the cooperative. Adrienne works with Lincoln University, and is tireless in finding both educational and marketing opportunities for the coop.
Farm to Family Naturally-working with rural cooperatives to provide a better life for small farmers and better food for urban consumers!