Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wild Alaska Salmon

Is Wild Alaska Salmon really local? Well, the owners of the company are local and they go to Alaska and fish for several types of salmon in season. Our meat manager, Colleen Broyhill, calls them right on their boat and they have the order to her in 24 hours from the time it is caught! Check out their website wildalaskasalmonandseafoodcompany for wonderful pictures of the Alaskan wilderness and their delicious fish. I took home a portion of the Sockeye Salmon last time I was at the Market, and it is really awesome-worth the price.
Wild caught salmon has much more nutritional value than farmed salmon. Farmed salmon can be disastrously dirty. The gorgeous red color that the Wild Alaska Salmon shows is added to farmed salmon artificially. They're pretty pallid without it. So for a nutritionally dense, delicious taste of the wilderness, try our Wild Alaska Salmon in the meat department at Sappington Farmers Market.

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  1. That sounds delicious! Wish I was in Missouri right now (for a number of reasons - actually the boys have asked at least once a week since the reunion when we're going back to Aunt Nancy's :)