Thursday, August 5, 2010

Todd Geisert Farms-Doin' It The Old-Fashioned Way

Yesterday, I had the time of my life when I joined a Beginning Farmers Tour and traveled to Washington, MO to tour Todd Geisert's farm.
The bank thermometer said 101 as we drove through Washington on the way to the farm, but we were all game for the "hayride" that Todd took us on to view his farm fields and pig operation.
Todd's pigs are really living the life of Reilly. They live in individual A-frames, the sows farrow in A-frames, with plenty of room to turn around, and there are lots of streams and mud wallows for cooling off.
Baby pigs can explore and socialize and are obviously used to humans, as you can see from the pictures.

The Geiserts have been raising heritage breeds of hogs since 1916.
Pigs are farrowed in individual A frame houses in fields that have had a crop harvested the previous season. Several generations of Geiserts can

be found in the fields, caring
for the pigs and harvesting the produce. The pigs are antibiotic free and no growth hormones are ever used.

After a fun and fascinating tour of the farm, Todd brought us back to the produce stand where we enjoyed two varieties of ice cold watermelon and some delicious lemonade.

Todd's meats are available at Sappington Farmers Market in the freezer section and the cured meat section. Try his delicious bratwursts and ham sausage.
Now available in the fresh meat section: Todd's pork chops and pork steaks. You'll taste the difference that sustainable farming makes.

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  1. what a lovely picture your words paint! that farm sounds like a wonderful place. and i love the honor-system money can... proof positive that good and honest people are still to be found.